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JSA Investments, LLC

Financial Services Project:  BIZ BUILDER

Service Dates:  September 4 - December 31, 2020

Session Reminders

Action Plan

1.  Create a business high interest savings accounts at your current bank.

2.  Create business checking and high interest savings accounts at credit union.

***JSA Holdings needs a bank account to manage rental property transactions.

***Ask your bankers what would your business credit, financial statements and banking activity have to look like in the future to to get funding from them as you are opening these accounts.

3.  Send Jean debit card info for Expense account.

4.  Send Jean business address.

5.  Ask attorney about the LLC or Scorp strategy for JSA Investments.

6.  Go to to register for a free DUNS number.

7.  Decide on payroll amount and payroll frequency (biweekly or weekly).

Financial Systems

Action Plan

1.  Create a Quickbooks account with connected bank accounts.

2.  Create payroll schedules.

3.  Track and record daily expenses.

4.  Reconcile monthly banking activity for 2020.

5.  Create monthly and YTD financial statements.


Tax Planning

Action Plan

1.  Consult with an attorney to determine the best corporate structure.

2.  Once all 2020 bank reconciliations have been completed, we will calculate your estimated tax liability.

Business Credibility

Action Plan

1.  Incorporate your business and use the same name on everything related to your business.

2.  Get a free EIN from the IRS.

3.  Get a free DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet.

4.  Get the required business licenses from your city, county or state.

5.  Open a Business Checking and Savings Account with a Local Bank.

6.  Open a Business Checking and Savings Account with a National Bank.

7.  Get a professional email address.

8.  Get a business phone number in your company's name.

9.  Get a website with updated contact information.

10.  List your business in white pages and online directories.

11.  Check your Credit Report and Trade Activity on Dun & Bradstreet's site.

12.  Pay to pull your Equifax and Experian Smart Business Report (if you've had trade activity).

13.  Dispute inaccuracies on your reports.  

Vendor Relationships

Make purchases to establish tradelines with the following Tier 1 Vendors:



$50 minimum order requirement

Make sure you select that you are shopping for a business when placing your order.

Call after third order is placed so credit department can review your file for Net 30 terms.

Make sure they have your EIN and DUNS number on file.



No minimum order requirement

Uline automatically reportsand sends your trade activity at the beginning of each month.

Make sure they have your EIN and DUNS number on file.



No minimum order requirement.

Set up account over the phone.

Request Net 30 when you set up your account.

Make sure they have your EIN and DUNS number on file.

Minimum of 4-5 Trade References

We will get Grainger, Quill and Uline first but keep in mind we will need to add a few more vendors.



Why do I need all of these bank accounts?

Establishing relationships with local and national banks is a long term growth strategy that will position you to have access to funding opportunities like loans and grants.  Shop around and choose wisely to select a bank that caters to small businesses.  You don't have to carry huge balances in each of these accounts but you do want to make deposits regularly and keep them open for years.  You can use the multiple accounts to organize your finances.  For example, designate one account as a savings account for estimated quarterly tax payments.

Why do I have to make purchases with T1 vendors?

You want to establish yourself as a credible business with a reputation for paying quickly.  The Tier 1 vendors listed above are small business friendly and will help you accomplish this goal with the least amount of financial commitment from you.

Why can't I just apply for credit cards now?

If you have no business credit score and no business presence, you will have to use your social security number to personally guarantee business credit cards.  It takes time for business directories to update the business information you will provide when completing your action plan above.  While these directories are updating your information, your payments to Tier 1 vendors will start to be reported to the credit bureaus around the same time.  Once your business credit and business presence are updated and in alignment, then you can start looking at applying for credit cards based on the strength of your business foundation.

Have more questions?  Email us anytime!

Next Up: 

Tier 2 Vendors

Once your business information is being found in online directories and your tradelines are being reported to the credit bureaus, we will discuss moving on to Tier 2 Vendors.

While you wait:

1) Continue to increase your business revenue.

2) Make sure your financial documents are in order.

3) Continue to build relationships with the banking teams that manage your small business accounts.

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