JT Financial Services is a boutique financial and business development agency dedicated to strengthening the business foundation of small businesses and nonprofit organizations.


​We are entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders with a vision to change the world.  

We balance our crazy busy schedules with families full of children, legacies, and causes that we care about.

We are extremely driven to generate profits but we are also concerned about our mental health and living our best life.

We hear you and we see you because we are you. 

The world needs the gifts you have to offer and it is our pleasure and duty to provide strategies that maximize your cash flow so you can go further faster.  Our goal was to create a support system to help rock stars like you shine brighter to increase your impact and we've done that. 


Listen, the number one reason small businesses fail is because of finances and that makes no sense to us because of all the strategies and processes we know right off the top of our heads that will instantly put you in a position to prosper.  

To be clear, we don't just focus on profit-building.  First, we help you find that sweet spot that merges your passion and your profits so you wake up loving every moment of every workday.  Then we focus on maximizing the impact you have on your community, your family and your peace of mind.  

Will you allow us to share our knowledge and expertise with you, today?  If you are ready, click below to schedule.


JT Financial Services was founded by Accountant and Business Advisor, Jean Toney. 


Jean has earned the AFSP designation to represent you in tax matters before the IRS.  She is the consultant you need to walk you through Xero, she's a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and she is also proficient in Freshbooks.

She takes the lessons learned from building two grassroots nonprofit organizations from nothing, starting two family-owned businesses from scratch and winning numerous corporate leadership and sales awards to create action plans for visionaries like you that have the audacity to chase your dreams.

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